RB DeWolfe has lived a life richly centered in the arts. Myriad creative endeavors into various forms of artistic expression have allowed DeWolfe a wide range of successful productivity and acclaimed recognition in several media. Dedicated to ever seeking new inspiration for her talents, DeWolfe's work is lively, witty, lush with surprise, a delight for the eye and evocative of her international background.

DeWolfe's talent blossomed early during her California childhood.
Her passion for sculpting was born when she began spending school vacations in Mexico where she studied sculpting and jewelry design.

After completing her formal education in both the United States and Switzerland, DeWolfe furthered her artistic studies by attending classes at The Art Students League of New York. She enjoyed the colorful life of a young artist while residing in Greenwich Village, simultaneously studying theater arts and acting with the renowned teachers Sanford Meisner and William Hickey. Upon returning to California DeWolfe studied at the prestigious Chouinard Art Institute. Although she excelled as a painter, printmaking became her primary focus and soon she had representation in twenty-one galleries.

After leaving Chouinard, DeWolfe worked for a number of years with interior designers on both commercial and residential installations. In the mid-1980`s, searching for new inspiration, DeWolfe relocated to Paris in order to enlarge her development as a painter and to absorb the stimulating artistic atmosphere there. However, it was an invitation to the California studio of the late British sculptor John Kennedy that reawakened DeWolfe's passion for sculpting. Inspired and encouraged by Kennedy, she decided to make sculpting her main focus. Kennedy was so taken with her work, and her ideas for future pieces, that they began planning collaborative projects. DeWolfe has commented: "Both the enthusiasm of John Kennedy, and his knowledge of the sculpting process, have proven invaluable to me".

In addition to DeWolfe`s figurative sculptures, which are a whimsically embellished "cast of characters", DeWolfe has designed necklaces with pendants, sculpted faces and gem stones which are part of her Moon Series Collection.
DeWolfe`s romantic nature is reflected in her jewelry creations, as well as in her schematic designs for future bronzes.

RB DeWolfe`s work can be found in private collections throughout the United States and in Europe.

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